About Dmist Research

Dmist Research Ltd is a spin-out company from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the world renowned University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The company was formed to commercialise innovative image processing technology developed by Dr John Oakley and his colleagues.

In 2003 DMIST was featured on BBC’s Tomorrows World. Later that year the business won a SMART grant in recognition of its innovative application of the technology to recover the quality of video images that had been subject to environmental fogging due to mist, rain or smoke. The SMART grant allowed further development of the first ClearVue unit which was then successfully put through field trials with Manchester Airport, the Ministry of Defence and the BBC Outside Broadcast Unit.

The business has received further inward investment from regional Venture Capital companies who were excited by the potential of the technology. These funds were used accelerate the commercialisation of the product into the key target markets of surveillance, outside broadcast and transport. Further international patents were also filed at this stage. A high-definition image processing unit, the ClearVueHD19, was introduced in 2008. This was the first standalone image enhancement system for HD video. More recently a multi-channel product, the ClearVueHD19Duo, was introduced to increase the range of video formats available and to address demand for corporate video enhancement servers.Dmist Research Ltd remains a strongly R+D focussed company with the primary aim to maintain its international technical leadership in digital image enhancement.


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