ClearVueHD19Duo announced, New Patent Granted in Europe

1st September 2018 ClearVueHD19Duo announced

Dmist Research Ltd is pleased to announce a new product, ClearVueHD19Duo. The ClearVueHD19Duo will be introduced alongside the successful ClearVueHD19 to address the requirement for multi-channel processing and to increase the range of video formats that can be processed. The ClearVueHD19Duo features a plug-and-play DisplayPort 1a interface which simplifies the installation of the device in a control room environment.

7th January 2019 New European Patent granted.

Dmist Research Ltd is pleased to announce the grant of its patent “Image Processing Methods” in Europe. This completes a portfolio on international patents based on PCT application number PCT/GB2006/000974. Corresponding patents are already in force for USA, Canada and Japan.

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