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ClearVue HD is a stand alone unit that provides professionals with instant enhancement of video streams that have been degraded by atmospheric factors such as fog.
The groundbreaking product examines each pixel of a fogged image and by a patented process instantly corrects it so that the original sharpness and natural colour is restored.

  • Detects fog, and applies this information as a text message on the video screen.
  • Closed caption system will estimate the visual range of the camera view being displayed
  • Highlights the level of hazard with a colour coded warning n the screen, to attract the attention of a video control room operative.
  • All ClearVue models are also capable of enhancing the capability of existing cameras in low-light levels.
  • Retaining colour information useful for both broadcast and surveillance applications, information that would otherwise be lost if a monochrome camera, image intensifier or thermal imager were used.

The ClearVue unit automatically provides optimum enhanced video for a variety of input/output video standards.

The unit is a fully CE certified product in a standard 19” rack, 1 U high (1.75”, 44.5 mm), housing.
After initial set-up, using the front panel control, there is no need for further user intervention.
Video Formats

Features & Benefits

Realtime Processing

Because of the innovative method of correction and the speed of processing, ClearVue works on real-time video streams such as outside broadcast feeds. The unit automatically senses and adapts to changing weather conditions and requires no user intervention after the initial setup.

Pre-Recorded Video

When real time video feed is not available ClearVue is able to process pre-recorded video tapes and clean up the video image.This is particularly useful for legacy recordings made in adverse environmental conditions.


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