Welcome to Dmist Research

Dmist Research is a specialist supplier of unique technology for the real-time video enhancement of video under adverse conditions – poor weather, poor illumination.

Where there is an operational requirement to ensure high-quality, natural colour, live video regardless of weather-related visibility restrictions, we provide cost-effective solutions.

Advantages & Features

 Real-time, fully automatic
 Day and Night Enhancement
 Applicable to Haze, Smog, Fog, Rain, Steam,        Cloud,Chemical Cloud, Snow, Airborne Sand/Dust
 Suitable for new & existing camera systems

Multiple Applications: Unlimited Features & Advantages

For use in a range of private and public sector scenarios – increasing visibility, saving lives.

Enhanced Visibility

With Real-Time Video Enhancement the Dmist System allows your cameras enhanced visibility through Fog, Mist, Rain & Smoke.

Safety & Security

Enhanced visibility gives you increased Safety and Security whether monitoring transport systems or high value assets.

Day & Night

Dmist’s ClearVue HD system has the capabilities to monitor and enhance visibility in all adverse conditions – day or night.

Watch Dmist ClearVue HD Enhanced Video

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